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Workshop Topics

CR Communication Strategies can help with:

Public Speaking

Do you ever wonder how you can bring more energy to your presentations? Whether you’re an experienced or novice speaker, you can get more impact from your delivery and enhance your overall presentation presence. Workshop includes video analysis. 

Group Dynamics

You know the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams, but do you know how to ensure that your team is productive? Learn about group dynamics, norms, conformity, and roles.

Nonverbal Communication

An often underrated but important aspect of  interpersonal communication is nonverbal communication. Learn how it functions so that you can communicate in a complete and powerful way.

Intercultural Communication

Increased workforce diversity and global business reach require communication that refelects an awareness of the many types of audiences your messages target.


Don't make the mistake of assuming that your written messages are clear and action-oriented.  Your readers may not agree!   You’re the best person to write your content but the worst one to edit it. Have your content, organization, and format evaluated.

Business Writing

Understand the major types of business messages (routine, negative, and persuasive). Technology has changed the communication landscape, but audience-centered, action-oriented messages never go out of style.

Resume Review/ Interview Prep

Ensure that your resume sells you the way you want it to. Need some practice before the big day? Reduce your anxiety with a trial run.

Business Etiquette

Imagine that your company is hosting a charity cocktail event, or you've been invited to play golf with clients, or you're representing your company at a formal banquet dinner. Would you know how to navigate these business situations without making an etiquette faux pas?

Communication Program Clients

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