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Convey Energy in Your Video Calls and Trainings

With the increase in video meetings and remote learning, keep your audience’s attention with an engaging delivery style.

Here are four ways: 1) FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Be aware of how you look. Are you unintentionally showing a bored, annoyed, or distracted face? Instead, smile warmly. Look at your displayed image and adjust your expression as needed.


Vary your volume, rate, pitch, and emphasis so that you don’t sound monotone. Key information should be delivered more slowly and clearly to allow for delays inherent to this format.

3) GESTURES Practice a few motions that look natural and that will show up well within the camera angle. Watch that you don’t bring your hands too far forward though, otherwise they’ll look huge compared to your body.

4) POSTURE Don’t be afraid to move. (Aren’t you tired of siting for hours?) Plan in advance to make your move when you are transitioning topics. Check your lighting and camera angle ahead of time. This way you can take 1-3 steps in your space. *Puzzle boxes make a good base to set your laptop on. *Bonus Tip: polls/chats also offer a way to involve your audience, so take advantage of them. Alert the group when you go to these formats, and be sure to type your question as well as state it.

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